Music as Therapy
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This page was last updated: May 24, 2015
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"Let me take this opportunity to commend Jackie Marx who has selflessly dedicated her talents to our Vietnam Veterans ..."

President Ronald Reagan, 1984
Thank you for stopping by. We hope you enjoy your visit. While you're here, please check out Jackie's writing, listen to original songs, watch videos, and learn about her twenty-eight year involvement with the Vietnam veteran community.

The website for her musical drama, Rocket City! is linked here. The site will act as a resume, of sorts, with general and specific information about her original work and projects. You can find the schedule for Tunes and TLC (guitar and vocal offering) located at the link on this page.  The website is updated often, so we hope you will check back. Please bookmark this page and tell your friends to take a look and a listen. 
Jackie's healthy eating blog
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"Jackie: You've added the melody some thought was lost."
Rick Eilert,  author 
"For Self and Country"

"...I listened to Jackie's songs and found them well-crafted  and delightfully sung..."
Mary Travers, 
Peter, Paul & Mary

"Jackie's work is a powerful echo of the conditions we encountered interviewing the survivors  of a combat infantry company. The veterans will recognize something of their own experience in her songs."
Peter Goldman, Senior Editor, Newsweek

"Your songs always seem to bring new meaning to issues, and compel those listening to reaffirm their dedication to the solution of the issues of which you sing..."
Allen Lynch, Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient
Jackie's stage play recognized by The Dramatists Guild of America.
This  two character, ten minute play examines the societal conflict between the combatant and the protester. When war threatens, SOLDIER readies his weapon as CITIZEN draws the proverbial line in the sand, in protest.